to a new era in ozone history...

Ready-Made Liquid Ozone.

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Ozone21™ (lab name JC 9450) is a collaboration of chemists, business people & customers who want the best for all involved.  With over 100 years of experience and the approvals of national organizations such as NSF & EPA(last stages), Ozone21™ is the new standard in disinfection & oxidation.

Since 2008 we have taken this product from the R&D stage, to field test and finally customer use & satisfaction.  Liquid ozone has been proven for over a century and is now leading the way.

Ready-Made Ozone

Over time, man-made ozone has evolved from big ozone generators producing gas and liquid ozone, to portable ozone generation and now...ready-made.

This accomplishment puts liquid ozone on the same level with chlorine, cost-wise.  Now, it makes sense for consumers to switch to our earth-friendly Ozone21™ and get away from poisonous chemicals for good.

We can make it anywhere for anyone around the world.

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