Every once in a great while an idea comes along that changes the way things are done.  

Our "Ready-Made" liquid ozone is one of those ideas.

     Should you search, you will be hard-pressed to find a product in any market that is as versatile, powerful and pivotal as liquid ozone.

     If you have never explored the attributes of liquid ozone, you are in for a treat.  If you are familiar with liquid ozone, then you will be pleasantly surprised to see how it has now evolved into a "ready-made" product we call Ozone21™.   Ozone21™ is also known as JC 9450.  That is the lab name given that was used for R&D purposes.

     What does "21" stand for?  We chose 21 to symbolize a 21st century technology and phenomenon.  When you tour our website, you will see what we mean.  Thanks for stopping in and enjoy the wonders of Ozone21™.


     The history books tell us that "man-made ozone" was discovered accidently in the late 18th century.  From the 19th to the 20th century, ozone became the disinfection of choice in both gas and liquid form.  But alas, the cost of building an ozone generator deterred city officials and thus poisonous chlorine was the only alternative.  It was dangerous to use but affordable nonetheless.

     It wasn't until the 1970s that scientist began to research the possibility that chlorine was creating carcinogenic chemicals when merging with organic matter such as dead leaves and soil.  This was the discovery of DBPs (Disinfection By-Products).

     Not long after this discovery, concerned officials took a look at ozone which they knew was safer with more effective results.  Fortunately the ozone generator evolved to a portable unit that could be purchased or rented.  These manufacturers of portable ozone generators were able to wheel their units to job sites and fulfill requests.

     Fast-forward now to the 21st century and behold, the idea of creating a "ready-made" liquid ozone becomes a reality.  By doing this, liquid ozone (Ozone21™) is now affordable and available to anyone in the world.  Ozone has now evolved to the point where it is on the same page as Chlorine, cost-wise.  


     Ozone is so versatile and derived from nature.  When lightning strikes during a rainstorm, liquid ozone is created through the raindrops.  Our chemists were able to mimic this act of nature and make our proprietary product a reality.


     The attributes of this natural wonder are mind-boggling to say the least.

Ozone21™ has the ability to disinfect, oxidize, sanitize, preserve, demulsify, deodorize and act as a biocide/pesticide.  On top of all of that, is also earth-friendly.

     Ozone21™ outperforms poisonous chemicals.  There is no adverse side-effects from using Ozone21™.  There are many adverse side-effects to using poisonous chemicals.  Fortunately, we now have a healthy choice that can solve our issues and make life better for all.

     When you visit the "Downloads" tab, you will see papers that explain the chemical facts of Ozone21™.  We have years of test data that share the success of our experiments and the industry approvals to back it up.


     Our mission, vision and goal are one in the same - get the message out to the whole world that a "ready-made" liquid ozone is now available.

     The challenges are many around the world with drinking water, wastewater, food and crop waste, invasive species, contaminations of all sorts that need to be treated.  When we use poisonous chemicals to solve a problem, we inadvertently create another problem such as DBPs.

     Ozone21™ can help solve so many issues in a short period of time.  Our manufacturing operation is so simple that we are able to put one anywhere in the world.  In less than a month, we can build a blending facility and service an area very quickly.

    We invite you to be part of this mission and share the good news with all whom you come in contact with.  Just send them to our website and the message will spread rapidly.  With the internet, we plan to use this incredible tool to broadcast our discovery as well.