Our "Ready-Made" liquid ozone


In 2008, our chemists discovered how to make, pack and ship liquid ozone (lab name JC 9450) - an industry game-changer.  By creating a ready-made product, costs are reduced and more can use it.

Our proprietary deep red, purple product is an upgrade of previous liquid ozones and promises to be the new leader in disinfection & oxidation.


50X stronger and 3,000 times faster than Chlorine, Ozone21™ kills the most deadly pathogens in seconds while poisonous chemicals take much longer.

Just 8 gallons of Ozone21™ purifies 1 million gallons of drinking water.  Our powerful oxidant can also eliminate the toughest pathogens including giardia and cryptosporidium.


Ozone21™ is an interesting dynamic in that it can eliminate the most dangerous pathogens yet is earth-friendly as well.

For those interested in switching from a poisonous chemical to something safer for humans, pets and livestock...Ozone21™ is the ticket.

Using Ozone21™ also eliminates the fear of DBPs forming.


Ozone21™ works in a variety of ways by -

  • disinfecting
  • oxidizing
  • sanitizing
  • preserving
  • deodorizing
  • demulsifying
  • acting as a biocide
  • acting as a pesticide
  • making water "crystal" clear
  • improving taste & odor of drinking water


With over 100 years of proven existence, liquid ozone was the preferred disinfectant in the early years until poisonous chlorine took over, as it was cheap and plentiful.

In the 1970s, scientist began to discover harmful side-effects of using poisonous chemicals.

Today, using poisonous chemicals is no longer necessary now that Ozone21™ has a ready-made solution.


Ozone21™ reduces costs a couple of ways.  With our invention of the "Ready-Made" liquid ozone, costs are reduced dramatically by skipping the need for a generator.

The other way we cut costs is by reducing the amount of chemical needed to treat an application.  Poisonous chemicals like Chlorine require gallons of product.  Ozone21™ can treat with a fraction of product.